Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What is a Bike?

A motorcycle is a motor-powered bicycle which can take people and goods from place to place. Motorcycles have wheels and can travel on path ways called roads. Motorcycles are fuel-powered motor bicycles and are, hence, called bikes or motor bikes. Motorcycles are accessible to anyone who can afford to buy a motorcycle and are available all around the world.

A picture of a bike.
A picture of a bike.

Features of Motorcycles

Motorcycles have many features included in them. Some of the features of motorcycles include:
  • Seats - most motorcycles have two seats for people to sit on.
  • Lights - lights help motorcycles indicate their presence on the road.
  • Mirrors - mirrors help motorcycles to know about what's happening on the road.
  • Speed Indicators - speed indicators tell how fast a motorcycle travels.
  • Gears - motorcycles have gears which can shift the speed of the motorcycle.
  • Brakes - brakes help motorcycles stop quickly.
  • Engines - an engine provides energy to move the wheels on the motorcycle.
  • Wheels - wheels help a motorcycle travel smoothly on the road.
  • Fuel Tank - a tank stores fuel to keep the engine running.

Types of Motorcycles

There are different types of motorcycles in the world today. Some of the types of motorcycles include:
  • Road-use motorcycles
  • Terrain-use motorcycles
  • Sport-use motorcycles

Benefits of Motorcycles

Motorcycles help people go from place to place. Some of the benefits of a motorcycle include:
  • Motorcycles cost less money to buy.
  • Motorcycles can be used to travel easily.
  • Motorcycles can travel farther for each tank of fuel consumed.

Doubts of Motorcycles

While motorcycles can offer many benefits, they can present the following doubts:
  • Motorcycles can carry few people from place to place.
  • Motorcycles offer less protection to people riding them.
  • Motorcycles are fast and can easily cause accidents on roads.

Buying Motorcycles

While motorcycles can only carry a few people, and are unsafe to ride, motorcycles are an easy, inexpensive, and reliable mode of travel.

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