Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What is a Car?

A car is a motor-powered carriage which can take people and goods from place to place. Cars have wheels and can travel on path ways called roads. Cars are fuel-powered motor carriages and are, hence, called cars or motor cars. Cars can run on a variety of fuels today which include renewable and non-renewable sources of fuel.-renewable sources of fuel. Cars are accessible to anyone who can afford to buy a car and are available all around the world.

A picture of a car.
A picture of a car.

Features of Cars

Cars have many features included in them. Some of the features of cars include:

  • Seats - most cars have four seats for people to sit on.
  • Safety Glass - cars have safety glass wind-shields and windows to protect people from the weather.
  • Doors - cars have doors to provide safety and security to the people in a car.
  • Air Filters - air filters help purify the air in a car.
  • Lights - lights help cars indicate their presence on the road.
  • Mirrors - mirrors help cars to know about what's happening on the road.
  • Speed Indicators - speed indicators tell how fast a car travels.
  • Gears - cars have gears which can shift the speed of the car.
  • Brakes - brakes help cars stop quickly.
  • Engines - an engine provides energy to move the wheels on the car.
  • Wheels - wheels help a car travel smoothly on the road.
  • Fuel Tank - a tank stores fuel to keep the engine running.
  • Space - cars have extra space to store goods or carry more people.

Benefits of Cars

Cars can help people go from place to place. Some of the benefits of a car include:
  • Cars can be used to travel at any time.
  • Cars can help people travel to any place.
  • Cars can be used to travel alone or with friends and family.

Doubts of Cars

While cars can offer many benefits to, they can present the following doubts:
  • Cars cost a lot of money to buy.
  • Cars need to be maintained and maintaining cars costs more money.
  • While cars are safe to those who travel in cars, cars could cause accidents to those who travel in and out of cars.

Buying Cars

While cars are expensive to buy, and require regular maintenance, cars can prove to be very useful as a flexible, mobile, and convenient mode of travel..

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