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What is a PC Game?

A type of game which is played on a personal-use computer is called a PC Game or Personal Computer Game. PC games were one of the first digital computer games that were made for computers. These days, PC games require a huge amount of RAM and CPU computing power to play the games they make today.

A picture of a PC game.
A picture of a PC game.

Features of PC Games

PC games have defined standards in the gaming industry based on various different features. Some of the features of PC games are listed below:
Sound Effects - the sounds you hear, when you press game controls, when playing a game.

Game Music - the music which plays, in the background, while you play a game.

Visual Graphics - the graphical art which is displayed in the game.

Game Play Mechanics - the manner in which the game wants the player to play the game.

Game Story - the story which binds the game to the end of the game.

Types of PC Games

There are many different types of PC games. Some of the types of PC games include:
PC Action Games - games which involve completing stages and jumping from platform to platform.

PC Adventure Games - games which present an open environment to roam and explore.

PC Role-playing Games - games which present a character or a set o characters to play the roles of.

PC Simulation Games - games which simulate certain situations, hobbies, or activities.

PC Strategy Games - games which require thinking and planning to play.

PC Puzzle Games - games which are fun to play while solving puzzles.

Benefits of PC Games

Playing PC games has a few benefits. Some of the benefits of PC games are listed below:
  • PC games are a wonderful way to keep children indoors and away from the television.
  • There are some PC games which are educational and this helps parents educate their families.
  • Playing PC games could increase the knowledge of a person about using a personal computer.

Doubts of PC Games

PC games can only be played on personal computers with data transmission media. Some of the doubts of PC games are included below:
  • Most PC games require costly upgrades to play PC games.
  • PC games can keep users occupied throughout the day and this could be bad for their health.
  • A PC which has no data transmission media, like a USB port or disk player or Internet access, cannot be used to play PC games.

Buying PC Games

PC games are readily available, for discount prices, at your nearest book store or super market. If you need a PC game, be sure to check with your nearest computer store and they might have what you need. PC games are affordable by anyone who can afford a personal computer and provide a great way to spend time to recreate competitive moments.

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