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What is a Social Media Specification?

Certain given criteria which are presented to users by social media networks are called social media specifications. Some social media networks only allow sharing specific file types with social relations on the Internet - this is a social media specification of that network. Each social media network has a set of social media specifications for the users registered on it.

A picture of social media specifications.
A picture of social media specifications.

Features of Social Media Specifications

There are many different types of social media specifications on the Internet. Some of the features of social media specifications are presented below:
File Sharing Specifications - some social networks allow only certain types of files to be shared among social relations.
Demographical Specifications - some social networks on the Internet are specifically created for a particular audience from a given region on Earth.

Word Limit Specifications - many social networks have their sets of specifications on social messages by enforcing word limits.

Creative Work Specifications - some social networks determine the different types of creative works that users can contribute to become part of their social community.
Web Site Specifications - most, or all, social networks specify guidelines for the types of websites you can list or share on your social media network profile.

Benefits of Social Media Specifications

Providing limits on things you can do, on social networks, can be beneficial to everyone. Some of the benefits of social media specifications are presented below:
  • Users, registered on social networks, only share what little they can, rather than trying to please everybody.
  • Limits on social networks helps keep social messages short and sweet, making them easy to read and comprehend.
  • Imposing limits by means of social media specifications helps contain unwanted information or too much of it, on the Internet.

Doubts of Social Media Specifications

Issuing social media specifications can be a burden in some situations. Some of the doubts of social media specifications are presented below:
  • Most people consider social media networks to be dating sites.
  • Creating rules entices some people to violate them in any way possible.
  • Sometimes, limiting the amount of information one can include in a social message could often limit the communication between social friends and relations.

Using Social Media Specifications

When we use our social network profiles, we always adhere to the specification set forth by social networks on the Internet. Social media specifications are used by everybody who uses social media networks. Every social network has a set of specifications for using it - have you found out what they are?

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