Monday, January 22, 2018

What is a Simple Resume?

A resume which is prepared from the bio data of an individual is called a simple resume. Simple resumes or bio data are summaries about people which describe the person using physical parameters and other biographical traits. It is very easy to prepare a simple resume; anyone can prepare a simple resume for themselves.

A picture of a simple resume.
A picture of a simple resume.

Features of Simple Resumes

Simple resumes present factual data about an individual. Some of the features of simple resumes include:
  • Simple resumes may only include the bio data of an individual.
  • Simple resumes highlight the physical attributes of a person to employers.
  • Simple resumes are prepared to present the biographical data of an individual to employers.

Benefits of Simple Resumes

Simple resumes are easy to read and contain addressable facts. Some of the benefits of simple resumes include the following points:
  • Simple resumes contain reliable, factual data which can easily be validated by an individual, to an employer.
  • Bio data can help, aid employers in the selection of, individuals who meet certain physical parameters like height and weight.
  • Simple resumes present all the data an employer needs from an employee who is just beginning their career in a profession of their choosing.

Doubts of Simple Resumes

Simple resumes have their uses, but cannot be effectively used outside their area of use. Some of the doubts of simple resumes include the points below:
  • Simple resumes may not present any past job history to employers.
  • Simple, bio data summaries may not provide an account of the individual when applying for complex job opportunities.
  • Simple resumes can only be used to recruit new employees and not seasoned individuals with prior career experience in a profession.

Preparing Simple Resumes

Simple resumes begin with the name of the individual, followed by typical bio data associated with that individual. Simple resumes are most common for new recruits and in professions where physical characteristics are taken into consideration. Simple resumes are easy to write and prepare. Have you ever prepared a simple resume for yourself, or anyone?

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