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What is Animal Farming?

Growing animals for food and animal produce is called animal farming. In animal farms, animals are mostly cultivated for food, farm work, or to help make more animals. Animal farming requires a large amount of land, but can be a very profitable thing to do.

A picture of animal farming.
A picture of animal farming.

Features of Animal Farming

Farming animals helps us grow animals to fulfil their usefulness. Some of the features of animal farming are listed below:
  • On animal farms, animals often work for food and are fed multiple times each day.
  • Animal farms make sure that the animals are taken care of and get exercise every day.
  • At animal farms, the animals have homes of their own which provide them with shelter and comfort.

Benefits of Animal Farming

Animal farming has many benefits. Some of the benefits of animal farming are listed below:
  • On animal farms, animals are given shelter and comfort and food throughout their life.
  • Animal farming makes it easy to get a regular supply of protein from animal cultivation.
  • In animal farms, animals are grown according to standard practices followed by the best farms in the world.

Doubts of Animal Farming

There are some doubts of farming animals. Some of the doubts of animal farming are listed below:
  • Sometimes, animals in animal farms may become ill due to farm conditions.
  • Farming animals requires following strict practices to ensure top quality produce.
  • Animals cause air and noise pollution, so, they cannot be farmed in cities effectively.

Animal Farming Produce

Animal farms can be bought by buying land, farm houses, animal farmers, and finally, the animals. Different types of animal farms yield different types of animal produce. Animals provide consumers with animal products like meat, eggs, honey, and other useful products like skin, bone or shell, hair, and claws. What types of animal products do you know about?

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