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What is English Language?

A language which is used to communicate, which originated from England, is called English. English is one of the most popular languages around the world today. The language of English is an official language in most of the countries around the world.

A picture of English language.
A picture of English language.

Features of English Language

The English language contains twenty-six alphabets, five vowels, and 21 consonants. Some of the features of English language are presented below:
  • English language involves the smooth pronunciation of words in the language.
  • English language easy to learn and understand, when taught to individuals at an early age.
  • In English language, some words borrowed from other languages, making it more universal, in nature.

Benefits of English Language

The more people learn English, the closer the world gets to use a universally acceptable language. Some of the benefits of English language are presented below:
  • English language makes it convenient to communicate.
  • English language is known all around the world by people of all developed countries.
  • English language is easy to learn over a short period of time, and can be learned within a few months.

Doubts of English Language

English language may not be the most popular language in the World. Some of the doubts of English language are presented below:
  • Some people may not speak English.
  • English may not have original words for all types of actions and objects.
  • Some countries may not use English as a language to communicate between each other.

Learning English Language

English language can be learned within a few months and is best learned at your own pace, or with a tutor. English language is taught in most schools and educational institutes as the primary language for communication via reading and writing. English is a formal language which is used in communications. What common English words have you learned today?

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