Thursday, February 15, 2018

What is Free Software?

Software which is developed and provided to users without a price is called Free Software. Free software is often developed, to make tasks easier, and is uploaded onto the Internet. Anyone can download and use free software since it is provided to users for free.

A picture of free software.
A picture of free software.

Features of Free Software

Free software can be of two types: open-source free software, and closed-source free software. Some of the features of free software include the following points:
  • Free software is developed to be free to use and, often, free to share.
  • Free software is often called freeware and is widely circulated on the Internet.
  • Freeware is developed to fulfill simple tasks that make actions easier to do on a digital platform.

Benefits of Free Software

Free software is developed by small companies, teams and computer hobbyists to share their work with the world. Some of the benefits of free software include the following points:
  • Freeware make it easier for everyone to do tasks easily.
  • Free software can be used for free, without paying any cost to anyone.
  • Free software communities are built around solving the problems which arise due to using such software.

Doubts of Free Software

Freeware is not reliable for large business applications. Some of the doubts of free software include the following points:
  • Freeware may come with no warranty to the user.
  • Free software may not work on all systems properly.
  • Free software provides no available support for such errors or omissions in the software.

Buying Free Software

Free software need not be bought, instead they are simply downloaded from web servers, since they are provided free of any charge. Free software or freeware is made available on the Internet to users around the world. Free software applications make some tasks easy to do, based on their main function of use. Have you used free software on your computer or digital device?

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