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What is Fruit Farming?

Growing fruits for consumption is called fruit farming. Fruits are cultivated in fields called orchards where fruit trees are watered and cultivated for food. Fruit trees are often cultivated in rows so that a vehicle may pass, making it easy to gather fruits from their trees.

A picture of fruit farming.
A picture of fruit farming.

Features of Fruit Farming

Fruit trees are small to mid-sized trees which can be climbed to pick fruit. Some of the features of fruit farming are listed in points below:
  • Fruits are cultivated till they become ripe and change color.
  • In fruit farms, fruit trees are planted in rows, in fields called orchards.
  • While farming fruits, in some regions, fruits are protected with fruit bags.

Benefits of Fruit Farming

Farming fruit is a sweet thing to do as it puts fruit on our tables. Some of the benefits of fruit farming are listed in points below:
  • Fruit farms deliver a huge yield per orchard.
  • With fruit farming, the produce is always sweet.
  • Fruits, from fruit farms, help make very tasty pickles, desserts, and salads.

Doubts of Fruit Farming

Farming fruit has doubts with regard to yield and cultivation. Some of the doubts of fruit farming are listed in points below:
  • Fruit farming is climate-dependent; fruits many not grow in all regions of the world.
  • Fruit farming is care-intensive; fruits may require a large amount of care for cultivation.
  • While harvesting fruit, when fruits are made into pulp to make fruit drinks, much of the fruit is often wasted.

Fruit Farming Produce

Fruit farming requires fruit fields, watering systems, people to supervise, and trucks for collecting fruit. Farming fruits can be done easily when there is a demand for fruits. Every supermarket or grocery store in your area would have a fruit shelf which displays fruits for sale. Fruit farming produce presents many products to consumers. What types of fruit products are you familiar with?

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