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What is Vocational Education?

Education which is provided, for learners to learn, outside the syllabus of mainstream academics is called Vocational Education. Vocational education deals with education which mostly has practical aspects to it, like making things, doing things, and modifying things. The study of vocational subjects often prepares individuals to learn to work in various jobs, trades, or crafts.

A picture of vocational education in progress.
A picture of vocational education in progress.

Features of Vocational Education

Studying vocational education requires some knowledge of reading and writing to facilitate interaction and communication. Some of the features of vocational education are mentioned below:
  • Vocational education is often taught to those who need to work immediately to earn a livelihood.
  • Vocational education helps individuals to learn art forms which often have no written material to learn them.
  • Vocational education may require physical resources to try out the knowledge learnt through vocational education.

Benefits of Vocational Education

Vocational education makes learners ready for work and employment. Some of the benefits of vocational education are mentioned below:
  • Vocational education helps learners gear up for employment in a particular industry.
  • Vocational education helps teach things which are often only taught by word of mouth and apprenticeship.
  • Vocational education makes people aware of the different streams and applications of knowledge with practical educational aspects.

Doubts of Vocational Education

Vocational education is not a main stream of education. Some of the doubts of vocational education are mentioned below:
  • Vocational education may not be a formal form of education.
  • Vocational education may not provide sufficient resources besides classroom examples.
  • Vocational education only helps individuals get prepared for low paying professions, unless a heavy investment is funded and used up.

Learning through Vocational Education

Vocational education courses are available at the nearest vocational education center in your area. Most universities and colleges have a department where details can be enquired to study about vocational courses. Some types of vocational courses provide many weeks of training to help individuals learn the job based on their vocation. Have you heard of vocational courses today?

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