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Top 50 WondraWord Tweets for 2017

This is a list of the Top 50 WondraWord Tweets for the year: 2017 - expressions of brief moments using wonderful words on Twitter.

Top 50 WondraWord Tweets for 2017
Top 50 WondraWord Tweets for 2017

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Hello World!

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#CleanHands often before every meal!

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"We are friends on social media!"

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Physical data stores are physically portable and that matters, when compared to virtual, cloud-based data stores which are only virtually portable.

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We all promote ourselves in the social profiles of the social networks we're registered on, on the Internet!

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If things are usable, people will buy!

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Focus helps us focus (concentrate) on the things that matter, which we need to control!

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Start with motivation, and make it a habit!

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Life insurance works after you're dead!

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We must suffer each day to finally reap the benefits tomorrow!

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I like to be the right (type of) kind (person).

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I'd like to double my productivity!

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"We must all thrive to survive!"

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I visit Google Webmaster Central, and Yahoo Webmaster Resources to stay updated about best practices in optimization for search.

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Practice makes perfect!

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It is good to be nice without saying anything, sometimes.

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A lot of people, on the Internet make money, from home, by blogging. It is possible, just gotta find out for yourself!

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So much security to authenticate free stuff that's supposed to have no warranties!

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Every platform game needs jumping. Jumps must work. Happy jumping.

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Merry Christmas! It's a Lovely Day!

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Ath Shree Maha-Bharatha Ka-tha!

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Happy Holidays!

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Remember to always follow dosage instructions.

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Different types of marketing could produce different effects.

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Everyone loves a good story. The action-call must appear just before they choose to fall asleep.

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When I smile, you smile, we all smile!

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I've been writing a blog:

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The value of something often increases its cost.

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Keeper of Trash == Trash Keeper!

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A good workout keeps you in good shape!

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I always give the best in me!

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Descriptors help providing quick descriptions.

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Adding colors to text, makes it glanceable on point.

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Wow! Everyday colors can be so amazing in nature.

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The outdoors are truly amazing!

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I want to develop an attitude of gratitude, and be able to let it go before it has past!

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I exercise everyday, even if it's a little, and I plan to exercise for every day in the New Year, that's beginning tomorrow!

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The best content you could find is content which is written by yourself, in your own words.

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Principles of choice create change.

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I care about the New Year!

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I will give myself good money to buy good food in the New Year that begins tomorrow!

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They want to be eaten, but not bitten, by the little children!

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I have planned my goals for the new year: 2018.

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I will keep writing.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

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I want to be popular.

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I will tweet once per day, when I can!

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