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Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for Jan-Feb 2018

This is a list of the Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for Jan-Feb 2018 - expressions of brief moments using wonderful words on Twitter.

Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for the Jan-Feb 2018
Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for the Jan-Feb 2018

Tweet 1 of 70  ( and  ( let you publish books online or have them printed.

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Grab a Chair!

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Custom T-shirts at DistrictLines, CustomInk, and Zazzle. eBook Publishing on AmazonKindleDirect, and Lulu.

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I will put my effort and travel the distance. I want to know if it is worth it.

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I love blogging because it helps me dream of what I can become. I am inspired to blog more as it can provide me a sustainable income from time to time.

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It's going to be a good year, this year!

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My goal is to write more, this 2018.

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I want to read a hundred pages, I know I can!

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'Someday' is "that day" in your dreams.

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I would love to rather have a year where everything changes based on what I plan and change in the year.

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I prepare a schedule based on what I can do per day, and it gets done!

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Red sky at night, shepherds delight!

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Writing will make me rich someday - even if just a little!

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A long study session gives an ideal reason to get stretching.

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I want to dream, infinitely, about the open skies.

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Content is the best marketing tool on the Internet because people use it to find things.

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Studying User Experiences (UX) can help bring data faster to users of digital devices around the world.

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Social media marketing can be overwhelming without goal-setting. Earlier, there used to be just one major social network, and now, there are more than five.

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It is right that writing inspiring content encourages readers to open an email, even before they've seen it.

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I must realize my power!

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Using written words to create expressions with what you can smell, see, hear, touch, and taste makes moments relatable to.

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I made my bed today, I changed the world!

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Journeys are often used at the start of stories to represent dreams or to request the reader to start dreaming!

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Going against the wind, the airplane can go faster; so it's good to struggle against challenges, to reach goals faster.

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I must try!

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Improvement often stops when contentment starts, and that's probably because of fulfillment of goals.

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-think about yesterday
-think about today
-think about tomorrow

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If you cannot make a change, you might be a solution.

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These days, we call obstacles: milestones...just to measure our progress.

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Writing makes stories easier!

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I treat my hobby like a business…

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I can do it!

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I want to learn everything I can learn this year, 2018.

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I want to live my life as I work for a living.

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I feel motivated!

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I blog on

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I care about today!

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I am myself!

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Now is Wow!

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Reasons make dreams possible!

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It's a beautiful day today!

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I've created a blog-site and now, I'm preparing content for it. See it here on:

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Finding good helps stay positive!

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I feel good.

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I want to be rich(er)!

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I believe!

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I can change my life.

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Wow! Creating new expectations is the way to go.

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I'm the best!

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Start jobs now to finish jobs sooner!

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Breathing is good!

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Gratitude can change attitude!

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Reasons appear when there is purpose!

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It's going to be a good day today!

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Every moment is changing the world!

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I am inspired by my goals to get things done!

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Anytime is a good time!

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Things seem alright when people are happy. It's good to feel happy!

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Motivation brings cheer!

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Yes! I use Pixabay as a source for free images on my blog. All content is free on my blog too!

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Twitter is all about being brief; a few minutes - that's all it takes.

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You can achieve every single one of your goals by writing goals on paper and working on them.

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Life in three words: keeps on going…

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Actionable goals help to accomplish dreams!

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Anything is possible!

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I have improved my life!

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First drafts make final drafts perfect!

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Fiction creates its own reality.

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Success lies in the details!

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With the right ingredients, we can bake a good cake!

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