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What are Countries?

Countries are regions which are considered to become nations of people. Countries are often non-geographic borders of regions which are inhabited by people of a region. There are more than a hundred countries in the world today.

A picture of countries.
A picture of countries.

Types of Countries

There are different types of countries. Some of the types of countries are listed below:
Fully-Recognized Countries - countries which are completely recognized by the United Nations. 
Partially-Recognized Countries - countries which are not completely recognized by the United Nations.

Non-Recognized Countries - countries which are not recognized, as countries, by the United Nations.

Features of Countries

Countries mostly have non-geographic borders. Some of the features of countries are listed below:
  • Countries may be of any size and shape based on their foundation.
  • All recognized countries have a border and are represented on the political map of the world.
  • Countries may appear in all parts of the world, where ever there are people to form a nation.

Benefits of Countries

Forming countries is beneficial in some ways. Some of the benefits of countries include:
  • Countries help people with a common way of life, live, progress, and become prosperous together.
  • Countries have protocols for communicating with other countries to facilitate trade and cultural exchange.
  • Countries provide well-defined borders to the areas of planetary surface they encompass and secure them from outside threat.

Doubts of Countries

Forming countries is doubtful in some ways. Some of the doubts of countries include:
  • Countries often make it difficult for the whole planet to become one unified body of individuals.
  • Some countries may have groups of people with new ideals, who want to form another country.
  • Countries could get in the way of knowing more about the different aspects and ways of life beyond the borders of the country.

Visiting Countries

Countries can be visited by travelling. Different countries require individuals to use different methods of travel to visit those countries. The most essential tool an individual needs to visit a country is a passport. Which countries have you heard about?

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