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What are Dictionaries?

Dictionaries are books which contain words and their meanings. Dictionaries arrange collections of words, with their meanings, in an alphabetic order so it's easy to find a word by remembering the alphabet it begins with. Some dictionaries even present uses of the words they describe by presenting examples.

A picture of a dictionary.
A picture of a dictionary.

Types of Dictionaries

There are different types of dictionaries. Some of the types of dictionaries are listed below:
Simple Dictionaries - dictionaries presenting simple words in a language. 
Other Language Dictionaries - dictionaries presenting words and their meanings in a different language. 
Science-Specific Dictionaries - dictionaries presenting science-related words with their meanings. 
Industry-Specific Dictionaries - dictionaries presenting industry-related words with their meanings.

Features of Dictionaries

Dictionaries are alphabetically sorted lists of words. Some of the features of dictionaries are listed below:
  • Dictionaries are glossaries of words in a language.
  • Dictionaries present meanings of words in alphabetic order; from A-Z in English.
  • Dictionaries can contain pictures to provide better examples of the things they describe.

Benefits of Dictionaries

Dictionaries help people understand language better. Some of the benefits of dictionaries include:
  • A dictionary helps people learn the meanings of things.
  • A dictionary can help individuals to improve their vocabulary.
  • There are different types of dictionaries for different types of needs.

Doubts of Dictionaries

There are some doubts of dictionaries. Some of the doubts of dictionaries include:
  • Dictionaries may present information in only one language.
  • Words which are not often used may not be found in dictionaries.
  • Dictionaries may contain words, but nor phrases or sentences which make use of the word.

Using Dictionaries

Dictionaries can be used by first remembering a word, and then remembering which alphabet the word begins with. Since dictionaries are sorted by the alphabet of the language, words can be found by flipping the pages till the starting letter of the word is found and identified. Dictionaries are among the essential books in every household and library. What type of dictionary have you used in recent times?

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