Thursday, March 29, 2018

What are Directories?

Directories are lists of information which describe a business or service. Directories present locations of information which can be used to find the source of the information. There are different types of directories available around the world today.

A picture of a location-based web directory being used.
A picture of a location-based web directory being used.

Types of Directories

Directories present information about services and service providers. Some of the types of directories are presented below:
Web Directories - Directories made available for access on the Internet.
Business Service Directories - Directories which list information on businesses and services.
People Directories - Directories which present contact information on people.
Location-Based Directories - Directories which provide information about locations.

Features of Directories

Directories are useful tools to find sources of services and information. Some of the features of directories are presented below:

  • Directories contain data, sorted in alphabetical order, which is grouped by categories.
  • Directories are tools which are often provided free of any cost to individuals around the world.
  • The most common form of directories which the world used to know about was the telephone directory.

Benefits of Directories

Directories help to provide information about businesses, places, and people. Some of the benefits of directories are listed below:
  • Directories provide an easy way to access data.
  • Directories help individuals to discover more about a place by reading about information about a location.
  • Online directories or web directories are convenient ways to get information from anywhere, about virtually any business or service around the world, or in an area of choosing.

Doubts of Directories

Some directories are automatically created on the Internet. Some of the doubts of directories are listed below:
  • Some directories may not be up-to-date with the information they provide.
  • Some web directories only list websites or services which pay them to become listed in those directories.
  • Web directories have little educational value since they list commercial services and not academic terms like dictionaries or encyclopedias. 

Using Directories

Directories make searching for businesses and services easier. Web directories can be accessed instantly and save time and effort in finding a business, person, place, or service. Directories are like maps of places presented in text format. Have you used a directory before, do share in the comments below?

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