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What are Games?

Games are modes of play which contain rules which need to be followed to play the game. Games can be played alone or with other individuals and can also be played indoors or outdoors per the rules of the game. Games which become very popular are known as professional games or spectator games.

A picture of a game.
A picture of a game.

Types of Games

There are many types of games. Some of the types of games are listed below:
Indoor Games - games which can be played inside structures are called Indoor Games. 
Outdoor Games - games which can be played in outdoor environments are called Outdoor Games. 
Digital Games - games which are played using digital equipment are called Digital Games. 
Sport Games - games which can be played as a sport are called Sport Games.
One Player Games - games which can be played alone, by an individual, are called One Player Games. 
Many Player Games - games which can be played by many players are called Many Player Games.

Features of Games

The rules of the game often describe the features of the game. Some of the features of games are listed below:
  • Some games can be played using no game pieces or devices.
  • Games are played, based on rules, by players who compete to win the game.
  • There are many popular games which make use of game devices known as balls.

Benefits of Games

Games help develop the skills of individuals participating in playing games. Some of the benefits of games are included below:
  • Games can be played for commercial purposes to gain money as a form of living.
  • Playing games can help increase the physical and mental capabilities of an individual.
  • Games attract large audiences because everyone likes watching a game being played.

Doubts of Games

Playing games can have disadvantages in some situations. Some of the doubts of games are included below:
  • Games may take a long time to play and this could be boring to some audiences.
  • Some games may need many overseers or referees to assess the situation of the game.
  • Outdoor games depend on good weather to play the game; bad weather disrupts outdoor games.

Playing Games

Games can be played almost at any time, using any resource available. There are different types of games which are liked by different types of audiences. Everyone around the world has some type of favourite game. What games have you played today?

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    1. Most often, I find myself playing online games - the ones you can play in your web browser.

      Scrabble and Reversi. That's funny. There's a balance right there!

      1.Have you ever noticed that Scrabble has square pieces while Reversi has round pieces?

      2. Scrabble has letters on its pieces while Reversi pieces are made of whole dots or dots on a dice.

      Both games have something in common, though, same colors, complementing colors, word-forming and number-forming/counting. These games help one to revise their knowledge and speed of thinking.

      Most of the games, nowadays, have become digital and can be played, even on a computer!

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