Friday, March 23, 2018

What are Hobbies?

Hobbies are activities which are practiced by individuals on a regular or non-regular basis. There are different types of hobbies available for everyone to practice in their free time. While some types of hobbies are practiced as a habit, other types of hobbies involve collecting things, by people who have an interest in the activity they want to do.

A picture of a bobby being practiced.
A picture of a bobby being practiced.

Features of Hobbies

Hobbies can be practiced by anybody who has enough free time. Some of the features of hobbies are presented below:
  • Hobbies can become a habit for an individual.
  • A hobby is a type of work done during the spare time an individual has.
  • There are different types of hobbies for people with different types of abilities.

Benefits of Hobbies

Doing a bobby can produce something of value. Some of the benefits of having a hobby are listed below:
  • Following hobbies can make paid work seem enjoyable.
  • Practicing hobbies can improve the skills and capabilities of an individual.
  • Doing hobbies can make everyone happy and give them what they need to improve and succeed.

Doubts of Hobbies

A hobby can sometimes present doubts. Some of the doubts of having a hobby are listed below:
  • Following some types of hobbies can become very expensive to pursue.
  • Doing some types of hobbies can become hazardous to the health of a person.
  • If people practice criminal activities as a hobby, it could be dangerous to the community of people.

Following Hobbies

A hobby is a type of recreation activity which involves some type of work which can be done during leisure time. People who are interested in doing things, other than the things they normally do, would have hobbies around those interests they have. Doing a hobby can make paid work tasks seem like a fun activity to do. What types of hobbies did you learn about today?

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  1. I am a dabbler. My current hobby is cookie decorating. Have you seen my cookies? What do you think?


    1. My hobby is writing like crazy so that, one day, I can earn like crazy.

      I love chocolate-cream-filled baked and moulded circular-shaped rounds to eat for snacks.

      Mice'N'Ramen Cookies by Mz.Veronica
      I've seen cookie decorating on the Mice'N'Ramen blog and I've become to know them as unusually different cookies. Those cookies, that are represented there, are different in:

      - appearance - they seem to have a printed sticker like surface - is it icing sugar or edible food color or just a sticker pasted on the cookie

      - a stand - I've noticed most of the cookies have small, tripod-like stands to set them up - are these for real? Are the cookies really that heavy?

      Everyone says cookies are delicious because they didn't dare speak against their mothers because they would get less servings for dinner, otherwise. So, they started to say they loved their cookies even before taking a bite!

      I wonder what the Mice'N'Ramen cookies taste like? Are they just bread crumbs or what? I like Devil's Curry so I got curious and asked away.

      Have a nice day!

  2. They are edible cookies decorated with royal icing. Those mini-easels are used to give the cookies an artistic touch. The cookies are not at all heavy! Too bad you live in India! It's not practical to ship them to you. Otherwise I would bake a batch for you!

    1. The art work on your cookies is quite well-crafted and looks ceremonial in a way.

      I will visit your wonderful web log to dream about the flavours I can experience.

  3. I suppose one of my favorite hobbies is photography along with reading as well as being active with my church.
    Thank you for sharing at

    1. Photography is a great hobby to practice when time is available. People say that pictures speak a thousand words and one often finds it really good to read those words that are represented in the photograph.

      Writing is another great hobby to consider since many people love reading and writing helps represent those thousand words that pictures hope to speak to their viewers!


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