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What is an Established Religion?

Religions which are popular among large number of people are called Established Religions. Some of the established religions are Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. Each of the established religions describes ways to live life in their own ways and that makes them unique.

A picture of a worship place of an established religion.
A picture of a worship place of an established religion.

Features of Established Religions

Religions were once called reformed legions and became known as religions. Some of the features of established religions are written below:
  • Established religions have prayer times set forth in their scriptures.
  • Established religions are followed by billions of people around the world.
  • Established religions follow a set of written instructions on ways of living.

Benefits of Established Religions

Established religions help people to live peacefully, and comfortably in surroundings which can be made better suitable to everyday life. Some of the benefits of established religions are written in the bullet lists below:
  • People who follow established religions often form communities to live together.
  • There are always places of worship, of established religions, found in every major city of the world.
  • With established religions, there is always a follower of an established religion in every area to mingle and converse with followers of the religion.

Doubts of Established Religions

Established religions can lead to extremist groups being created as a counter-effect. Some of the doubts of established religions are written in the bullet lists below:
  • Established religions could lead some to consider supporting extreme activities.
  • Established religions could cause rational divide by creating borders within communities of people.
  • Established religions could request large sums of money for the purpose of building prayer houses which have little or no impact in providing livelihood to the people.

Following Established Religions

Established religions are often followed by families from their ancestors or relations. Established religions can be learned from churches, shrines, temples, and mosques in many areas. Following religions which are established can be done from home, with family around to give support. Have you seen an established religion structure nearby?

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