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What is Literature?

Literature is the term which is given to written works which are presented to readers from a non-literal perspective. The word literature seems to be a combination of two words: literal and architecture. The art of writing literature is performed by presenting words in a non-literal fashion to readers and story tellers.

A picture of literature, in a book.
A picture of literature, in a book.

Types of Literature

There are three main forms of literature. Some of the types of literature are presented below:
  • Poetry - a type of literature which conveys rhyming words, using verses which represent a story, is called Poetry or Poetic Literature.
  • Prose - a type of literature which presents stories in a structured format is called Prose or Prosaic Literature.
  • Drama - a type of literature which describes stories which can be performed by acting using song and dance is called Drama or Dramatic Literature.

Features of Literature

Literature has features that make it an, often, likeable form of written art. Some of the features of literature are presented below:
  • Literature can contain anything that can be written using a language.
  • Literature can be used to explore the creative aspects of a language.
  • Literature can present messages in various forms for a variety of audiences.

Benefits of Literature

There are many benefits of writing literature. Some of the benefits of literature are listed below:
  • Literature is a type of art which can be used to express the creative abilities of writers.
  • Literature can be written for profitable purposes which bring income to writers of literature.
  • Literature can help people learn about things they can get creative about, when they write a language.

Doubts of Literature

There are some doubts of literature as a form of art. Some of the doubts of literature are listed below:
  • Literature which is written in one language may not be easily translatable to another language.
  • Literature is normally written as an artistic expression and displays language in ways different from ordinary use.
  • Literature is often used as a replacement for pictures. However, when pictures are used to describe a process, literature is often very limited in expressing function and purpose.

Learning Literature

Educational systems such as schools and colleges teach learners how to write literature. Expressing artistic capabilities by using literature is often done by writers who are employed by publishers of literature books. Literature can mean any form of writing which is written in a different way than the usual style of writing. What types of literature did you read today?

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