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What is Radio?

Radio is a technology system which uses radio waves to communicate information. Radio devices are capable of receiving radio waves from radio wave transmission towers in the form of channels on various frequencies or bands such as AM, FM, and Medium Wave frequencies. Radio signals are created when electricity is used to transform information into radio waves for broadcasting.

A picture of radio sets.
A picture of radio sets.

Types of Radio Technology

There are different types of radio. Some of the types of radio are listed below:

One-Way Radio Signal Technology- radio signals which are broadcasted to be received are called one-way radio signals. Some of the types of one-way radio technologies are listed below:
  • Unlicenced Personal Radio or HAM Radio
  • LF (Low Frequency) or Licensed Personal Radio
  • Commercial FM Radio
  • Digital Radio

Two-Way Radio Signal Technology - radio signals which are broadcasted to be received and responded to are called two-way radio signals. Some of the types of two-way radio technologies are listed below:
  • Short Wave Radio or Military Radio
  • HF (High Frequency) Radio or Marine Radio
  • VHF (Very High Frequency) Radio or Air Craft Radio
  • Government FM Radio for Police, Hospital, and Special Forces
  • Satellite Radio for subscribers

Features of Radio

There are different features of radio devices and radio systems. Some of the features of radio technology are listed below:
  • Radio signals can be transmitted in varying frequencies.
  • Radio signals are made by transforming electric current into radio waves.
  • Most popular consumer radio sets are one-way radios since they can only receive radio waves.

Benefits of Radio

There are some benefits of radio technology. Some of the benefits of radio are included below:
  • Radio waves can be transmitted through air, without the need for wires or cables.
  • Radio waves can transmit information in the form of radio signals across long distances, very easily.
  • Radio has made wireless communication possible and powers mobile phone communication around the world.

Doubts of Radio

Radio technology has some doubts. Some of the doubts of radio are included below:
  • Radio devices can heat-up over time and cause burns, if used close to the body.
  • Radio technology is dependent on electricity - when the electricity stops, it stops.
  • Some low frequency radio signals may overlap with each other, causing a disturbance and making communications unclear.

Listening to Radio

Radio has become a regular activity in the everyday lives of the people of the world, since it was invented. Radio sets can be purchased from the nearest electronic store in the neighbourhood to tune in to your favourite radio channels and radio shows. These days, smart-phones have built-in radio systems so users can tune-into their favourite radio channels from any place and at any time. What radio station, channel, or show did you tune-into recently?

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