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What is Weather?

Weather is known as any change in the atmosphere on Earth. Weather is a phenomenon which makes the day bright and the skies stormy. Changes in weather bring rain, snow, and sun towards the surface of the planet.

A picture of good weather.
A picture of good weather.

Types of Weather

There are five main classifications of weather. Some of the types of weather are presented below:
Normal Weather - weather which is ideal for everyone is called Normal Weather. 
Light Weather - weather which is good or bad from the measure of normal weather is called Light Weather. 
Extreme Weather - weather which is best or worst from the measure of light weather is called Extreme Weather.

Features of Weather

The study of weather phenomena is called meteorology. Some of the features of weather are presented below:
  • Weather creates phenomena which help change the surface of the planet.
  • Weather phenomena can be views over the surface of the planet, even from large distances.
  • Clouds, dust, and ash, in the sky contribute to weather conditions, besides temperature and water content in the atmosphere.

Benefits of Weather

Weather can become very beneficial. Some of the benefits of weather are listed below:
  • Knowing the weather predictions can help save lives and damage to property.
  • Some weather phenomena change vast areas of land which would take humans many years to do.
  • The phenomena of weather helps circulate water in the atmosphere and keeps the temperature ideal.

Doubts of Weather

Weather could become doubtful. Some of the doubts of weather are listed below:
  • Weather cannot be controlled, like the temperature in a house.
  • Weather phenomena could become very dreadful to experience.
  • Weather is not always good weather and could cause a lot of damage to people and property.

Studying Weather

Weather is studied in weather stations which are located around the world. Every day, the news brings reports on predictions in the weather for the day, and week ahead. To keep oneself safe and secure, it is always a good idea to learn about what types of weather phenomena lie waiting to happen. What type of weather have you experienced today?

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