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What is Webware?

Computer software which runs on the Internet is called Webware. Web applications are a form of webware and can help do tasks easily on the Internet. Webware is circulated for distribution on the World Wide Web using web pages and is provided to users either as free software or for a price.

A picture of a computer user using webware.
A picture of a computer user using webware.

Types of Webware

There are different types of webware. Some of the types of webware are presented below:
Free Webware - web software which can be used for free is called free webware. 
Paid Webware - web software which can be used for a price is called paid webware. 
Custom Webware - web software which is custom-made to do specific tasks, is called custom webware.

Features of Webware

Webware has customizable features to make tasks better. Some of the features of webware are presented below:
  • Webware allows computer users to interact with web pages on the Internet.
  • Webware can be developed by web developers who have some knowledge of a web program language.
  • Webware may be pre-installed on websites, on the Internet, or can be installed on the computer system of the Internet user.

Benefits of Webware

Webware is beneficial to web users. Some of the benefits of webware are listed below:
  • Webware helps users of computer systems do Internet-based tasks easily.
  • Webware can be made to adapt and adjust to different types of devices and user types.
  • Webware are convenient to obtain as they can be downloaded from websites on the Internet.

Doubts of Webware

Webware has some doubts on the Internet. Some of the doubts of webware are listed below:
  • Building webware is difficult to do for the normal computer system user.
  • Webware is often inexpensive, but large web applications can cost millions of currency units to buy.
  • Webware is often vulnerable to rogue programs and needs to be protected with anti-rogue programs called anti-virus software.

Buying Webware

Webware can be purchased from official webware websites on the Internet or from the nearest computer store in your area. Web browsers are the most common type of webware used today. Every year, new types of webware are launched for different types of computer systems. What types of web applications or webware have you used today?

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