Friday, April 27, 2018

What are Data Formats?

Data formats are models in which content is represented. Data formats or data types are the way in which data is presented to computers and provided to humans to use data effectively. A data type is a classification of the categorization of data with respect to how it can be used and by whom it would be used.

A picture of data formats being presented.
A picture of data formats being presented.

Features of Data Formats

There are many forms in which data can be represented. Some of the features of data formats are listed below:
  • There are many types of data formats that are used in the world today.
  • Data types help to simply complex content into more simple forms of content.
  • Data formats can represent data to make it easily readable by computers and humans.

Benefits of Data Formats

Raw and complex data types benefit people in many ways. Some of the benefits of data formats are included below:
  • Using data formats makes collecting data, for data collections, easier and more affordable.
  • Data types can be used to transmit common forms of data, over networks, quickly and easily.
  • Data formats can be used to group data to effectively make use of data storage space on devices.

Doubts of Data Formats

Some types of data may not be useful. Some of the doubts of data formats are included below:
  • Data formats may not support all types of data.
  • Data formats can only be used in digital systems effectively.
  • Some types of data may become corrupt, due to various reasons, and must be checked for integrity from time to time.

Using Data Formats

Data formats can be used by accessing content on a digital device. Most electronic devices use standard data types to represent the content they are capable of displaying. Data formats are easily identified by the extension of their file type, and that specifies the data format of the content carried in the file. What types of data did you learn about today?

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