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What is Communication and Networking?

Sending and receiving data between two sources is called communication and when the possibility of many sources exists, it is called networking. Growing your connections makes a network and helps people to accomplish their tasks through communication. People who communicate and network are called communicators and networkers respectively. There are two main types of communication and networking models in the world today: digital communication and networking, and traditional communication and networking.

A picture of networked communication technology devices.
A picture of networked communication technology devices.

Features of Communications and Networking

Communication and networking can be customized to suit language, communication speed, and area of coverage. Some of the features of communications and networking are listed below:
  • Communication creates lists of familiar contact points and greater contact points create a network.
  • There are different modes of communications and different models of networking in the modern world.
  • Hybrid forms of communication and networking are used today, mainly by relying on technology to communicate messages.

Benefits of Communications and Networking

To make things easier, the world has many communication and networking hubs to pass information through to many destinations. Some of the benefits of communications and networking include:
  • Communicating through networking brings people who are located great distances apart, together.
  • Networking becomes very profitable when done correctly, by communicating with the right contacts.
  • Communication helps convey information about physical and non-physical changes in the environment fast and easily.

Doubts of Communications and Networking

Communications may have its disadvantages, as with the limitations of networking. Some of the doubts of communications and networking include:
  • Even with modern technology, not all forms of communication and networking are totally reliable.
  • There are too many channels of communication today that make it hard for people to make a choice.
  • Communication has become so fast, these days, that everyone wants to contact everyone else to grow their network and this leads to an overflow of messages, called spam.

Making Networks Through Communication

Communication helps create networks of people and things together. Communication networks make people and things easy to find because of their speed and stability. Everybody uses communication models and communication networks to communicate messages everyday. What types of communication networks have you used today?

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