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What is a Disease?

A disease is a type of condition which affects a creature. The study of diseases is called pathology. People who study diseases are called pathologists.

A picture of an individual with a disease.
A picture of an individual with a disease.

Types of Diseases

There are two main types of diseases. Some of the types of diseases are listed below:
  • Communicable or Contagious Diseases - types of conditions which are transmitted by air, water, land, and by other creatures are called Communicable or Contagious Diseases.
  • Non-Communicable or Non-Contagious Diseases - types of conditions which are inherited by genes, by allergies, and other such causes are called Non-Communicable or Non-Contagious Diseases.

Features of Diseases

Diseases are medical conditions because they decrease the vitality of a creature. Some of the features of diseases are listed below:
  • Diseases may occur inside or outside the body.
  • Diseases are non-desirable conditions in the body.
  • Diseases may be contagious or non-contagious types of conditions.

Benefits of Diseases

Diseases leave signs which can hint at cures. Some of the benefits of diseases include:
  • Getting diseases helps develop immunity in the body.
  • Diseases help identify a deficiency in the body of a creature.
  • Getting a disease increases the resistance of the body to the type of disease.

Doubts of Diseases

Diseases are undesirable effects which affect the body. Some of the doubts of diseases include:
  • For some diseases, cures are hard to develop without advanced research.
  • There are many unknown causes of diseases, for which no cure can be prepared.
  • There can be mutations in diseases which makes it harder to prepare a cure for that type of disease..

Learning About Diseases

Diseases are a natural way of telling the body to change habits and do something else. When individuals leave their bodies unhealthy or keep their surroundings unclean, they risk conducting a disease. Most diseases can be cured with information from the nearest medical center in your area. What types of diseases have you heard about?

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