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What is Religion?

Religion is a way of life which sets rules to life accordingly. There are many different religions in the world today and each religion has a culture around itself. Religion gives strength of belief and sense of community to those who practice religion.

A picture of a religeous center of worship.
A picture of a religeous center of worship.

Types of Religion

There are many different types of religion. Some of the types of religion are listed below:
Ancient Religions - ways of life which have been known from ancient times are called Ancient Religions. 
Classical Religions - ways of life which have been known by classical stories and myths are called Classical Religions. 
Modern Religions - ways of life which have been known since modern times are called Modern Religions.

Features of Religion

Religion has different features which determine the best way to live life according to the rules of that religion. Some of the features of religion are listed below:
  • Religion is followed by people to know something common.
  • Religion explains certain moments in time using theories and stories.
  • Religion has certain beliefs which can be believed by followers of the religion.

Benefits of Religion

Religion brings people together and helps them live as a community. Some of the benefits of religion are included below:
  • Religion helps form an ordered community of people.
  • Following religion provides a purpose, for people, to come together.
  • The theory and practice of religion gives people something to believe in.

Doubts of Religion

Religion may not be able to describe everything in the world today. Some of the doubts of religion are included below:
  • One cannot touch, see, or taste religion.
  • Not everything in the world can be explained by religion.
  • Some theories, in religion, may not be acceptable by everyone.

Learning Religion

Religion is often taught at religious centers around the world today. An individual can learn about religion by learning from a religious center or from books, at their own leisure. Since religion teaches ways of life, it is often not mixed with education - which teaches things about the world around us. What types of religion do you know about?

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