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What is a Thesaurus?

A thesaurus is a book that presents synonyms or similar words for a meaning of reference. Thesauri are found in libraries and book stores around the world today. Thesauri contain groups of similar words, according to their meanings.

A picture of a thesaurus.
A picture of a thesaurus.

Features of Thesauri

A thesaurus is a reference book that represents groups of similar words. Some of the features of thesauri are listed below:
  • Thesauri contain similar words for dictionary words.
  • Reference books like the thesaurus present fewer lists of words than dictionaries.
  • Thesauri are used to learn more about similar words in a language than to rather find meanings of words in a language.

Benefits of Thesauri

The thesaurus can help make learning a language faster and easier. Some of the benefits of thesauri include:
  • Thesauri can describe words in simple, normal, complex, and advanced forms of a language.
  • The thesaurus presents simple meanings of words, with a lot of related words, to gather knowledge about.
  • Thesauri help people improve their knowledge of a language by seeking new words to express themselves.

Doubts of Thesauri

The thesaurus is doubtable to use in some situations. Some of the doubts of thesauri include:
  • Thesauri often do not contain uses of words.
  • Thesauri may not contain similar words for all words that are present in a dictionary.
  • Sometimes, thesauri can be larger than dictionaries due to the large number of synonyms per dictionary word.

Using Thesauri

Thesauri can be used by searching for a word by locating the starting alphabet on the top of the pages and browsing for the words in the following pages. Thesauri can be obtained from the nearest library or book store in your area. While dictionaries present meanings of words, thesauri present similar words for words that are present in the thesauri. What types of thesauri do you refer to?

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