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What are Elections?

Elections are opinion polls that convey results by using votes from a type of audience. Elections are often organized to elect government officers. People who organize elections are called election representatives. The practice of organizing elections is followed in all major countries in the world today.

A picture of an election taking place in time.
A picture of an election taking place in time.

Types of Elections

There are different types of elections that are organized in the world today. Some of the types of elections are presented below:

Demographic-based Election Types

Global Elections - Elections that are organized over a global area, of a planet, are called Global Elections. 
National Elections - Elections that are organized over a national area, of a globe, are called National Elections. 
Regional Elections - Elections that are organized in a regional area, of a nation, are called Regional Elections. 
State Elections - Elections that are organized in a state area, of a region, are called State Elections. 
Local Elections - Elections that are organized in a local area, of a state, are called Local Elections.

Visibility-based Election Types

Public Elections - Elections that are organized and made known to public audiences are known as Public Elections. 
Private Elections - Elections that are organized and made known to private audiences are known as Private Elections.

Features of Elections

Election activities are organized to express the most popular opinions of an audience of people. Some of the features of elections are listed below:
  • Organizing elections could take hours, days, weeks, or even months to do.
  • Elections are held when there are, a large number of, people to gather opinions from.
  • Elections are organized to determine the most popular choice among a selection of choices.

Benefits of Elections

Elections present the most popular, chosen opinions to audiences. Some of the benefits of elections include:
  • Elections are devices that can be easily organized to gather opinions from audiences of people by civic participation.
  • Elections are organized on a massive scale using easy options to guide the people to developing a better community and civilization.
  • When the people of a country need to elect representatives of government, elections are the best ways to gather the preferences of the people.

Doubts of Elections

Organizing elections may not always convey easily attainable results. Some of the doubts of elections include:
  • The outcome, of elections, does not always provide the expected results.
  • Organizing elections is not an easy task, while it takes some time and effort to practice.
  • Elections are only made possible when the number of people, required for an opinion poll, exceed a large number.

Participating in Elections

Elections are participated by all capable citizens of a country. Every country with a government organizes nationwide elections from time to time to form newer, better governments by collecting the opinions of the people of the country. Anyone who fulfils the requirements to become a voter can obtain permission to participate in elections. What election did you vote your opinions for, in recent times?

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