Thursday, May 3, 2018

What are Fact Sheets?

Fact sheets are charts that represent popular facts of interest about a particular area or place or thing. Analysts help develop fact sheets to represent a place, object, or person at a glance. Fact sheets help us know everything we need to know about a particular thing, with one look, and are often presented in one page.

A picture of a fact sheet.
A picture of a fact sheet.

Features of Fact Sheets

Fact sheets contain graphics, images, and text for content. Some of the features of fact sheets are listed below:
  • Fact sheets present a lot of knowledge and topical information at a glance.
  • Fact sheets feature the most common, yet most important, facts about a person, a place or a thing.
  • Fact sheets are pages of content that describe the characteristics about a particular thing, person, or place.

Benefits of Fact Sheets

Fact sheets are commonly called infographics on the Internet and appear in various sizes. Some of the benefits of fact sheets are included below:
  • Fact sheets can be easily updated from time to time, based on data from multiple sources.
  • By using fact sheets, a lot of time and effort is saved while having a lot of information at hand.
  • Fact sheets can be used to help travellers to readily prepare for an expedition in any area of the world.

Doubts of Fact Sheets

Fact sheets provide a limited amount of information to readers and viewers. Some of the doubts of fact sheets are included below:
  • Some fact sheets about people, places or things, could cost a lot of money to obtain.
  • Fact sheets may not contain all the data one needs to know about a person, place or thing.
  • Sometimes, the data presented in fact sheets could become out-dated, according to present day and time.

Studying Fact Sheets

Facts sheets are often presented in newspapers, and other publications that can be subscribed to, to better describe many characteristics at a glance. An example of a modern day fact sheet that we are familiar with is the weather fact sheet which displays weather for today, and tomorrow, and sometimes for the week ahead. Fact sheets can easily be created about a person, place or thing by writing known facts on a sheet of paper. What type of fact sheets have you read today?

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