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What is Geography?

Geography is a subject that tells people to study the surface, weather and climate of planetary regions. Geography is the science or field of study of changes that occur on the surface of a planet. People who practice geography, as a profession, are called geographic analysts or geographers.

A picture of regional geography.
A picture of regional geography.

Features of Geography

Geography is a field of science dedicated to finding everything that can be known about a geological planet. Some of the features of geography are listed below:
  • Geography tells us what's on a planet, and what's it made of.
  • Geography helps us study changes in weather and climate on a planet.
  • Studying geography can help people use a planets resources to help us grow and advance as a species.

Benefits of Geography

Mapping the surface of a geo-logical formation is known as cartography. Some of the benefits of geography include:
  • Knowing the geography of an area increases the survival of a species.
  • Understanding geo-graphic patterns on a planet help us adapt and change towards inhabiting that planet.
  • The study of geography lets us map regions of a planet to study it further and find out how it can be beneficial to our civilization.

Doubts of Geography

Some sub-fields of study in the geography of an area require very expensive equipment to learn more about. Some of the doubts of geography include:
  • Some geographic changes may be rapid, violent, and life-threatening to study about.
  • Most common forms of geographic activity require using expensive equipment like satellites and research centers.
  • One would have to study the geographies of many systems to be able to fully predict the effect of change in one area, over another.

Studying Geography

Geography can be studied from the nearest metrology office in your area or from an advanced study center in your region. While we need to know about geographic activity each day, we often ignore little changes in weather and climate, to help us be prepared for the worst. Geography helps us keep track of the weather and that helps us stay prepared for changes on the surface of the planet. What have you learned about geography today?

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