Monday, July 16, 2018

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a website that presents a micro-blogging network service on the Internet. People around the world can access the Twitter website using the Internet to tweet their messages. Twitter provides a micro message service to users on the Internet.

A picture of a user login screen on Twitter.
A picture of a user login screen on Twitter.

Features of Twitter

The Twitter website presents micro message service to users on the Internet. Some of the features of Twitter are listed below:
  • People can register accounts on Twitter by using an email address.
  • Twitter allows users to share various types of media using limited text images on the Internet.
  • Twitter permits users to register an account on the Twitter website to send and receive micro messages.

Benefits of Twitter

Using Twitter can help increase micro-blogging activity on the Internet by presenting short messages called tweets. Some of the benefits of Twitter are included below:
  • Twitter can help users follow users and permits users to be followed by registered users on Twitter.
  • Twitter provides users with a profile system that helps users create micro-blog personality profiles on the Internet.
  • Twitter grants registered users with access to millions of micro-blogger profiles whom they can follow to read and share micro-messages.

Doubts of Twitter

Twitter may not be used for long form blogging like social blogging platforms on the Internet. Some of the doubts of Twitter are included below:
  • Twitter may not be available in places where there is no Internet access to view micro-blogger profiles online.
  • Twitter may have an advertising network feature that's not free like user registration for micro-bloggers online.
  • Not all Twitter accounts may provide accurate and reliable information based on available micro-blogger information.

Using Twitter on the Internet

Twitter can be accessed by anyone on the Internet to make micro-blogger connections. The Twitter website helps people make micro connections on the Internet. What have you learned about Twitter today?

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  1. Replies
    1. Twitter.Com is a web site that is accessible to anyone with a connection to the Internet.

      Anyone can start an account on Twitter.Com by using their email address and get micro-blogging with tweets!

      To start a Twitter.Com account today, visit: WWW.Twitter.Com and begin!

  2. I have a twitter account. Very useful for entering giveaways!

    Namaste, Saryan!


    1. Hi and Namaste Ms.Lee,

      The Twitter social web site is a very popular micro-blogging web site on the Internet.

      Have a nice day,
      Saryan Sha

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Twitter helps people tweet little sets of words on the Internet - it helps people communicate in short messages, like birds do!

    Have a nice day!


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