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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What is Literature?

Literature is the term which is given to written works which are presented to readers from a non-literal perspective. The word literature seems to be a combination of two words: literal and architecture. The art of writing literature is performed by presenting words in a non-literal fashion to readers and story tellers.

A picture of literature, in a book.
A picture of literature, in a book.

Types of Literature

There are three main forms of literature. Some of the types of literature are presented below:
  • Poetry - a type of literature which conveys rhyming words, using verses which represent a story, is called Poetry or Poetic Literature.
  • Prose - a type of literature which presents stories in a structured format is called Prose or Prosaic Literature.
  • Drama - a type of literature which describes stories which can be performed by acting using song and dance is called Drama or Dramatic Literature.

Features of Literature

Literature has features that make it an, often, likeable form of written art. Some of the features of literature are presented below:
  • Literature can contain anything that can be written using a language.
  • Literature can be used to explore the creative aspects of a language.
  • Literature can present messages in various forms for a variety of audiences.

Benefits of Literature

There are many benefits of writing literature. Some of the benefits of literature are listed below:
  • Literature is a type of art which can be used to express the creative abilities of writers.
  • Literature can be written for profitable purposes which bring income to writers of literature.
  • Literature can help people learn about things they can get creative about, when they write a language.

Doubts of Literature

There are some doubts of literature as a form of art. Some of the doubts of literature are listed below:
  • Literature which is written in one language may not be easily translatable to another language.
  • Literature is normally written as an artistic expression and displays language in ways different from ordinary use.
  • Literature is often used as a replacement for pictures. However, when pictures are used to describe a process, literature is often very limited in expressing function and purpose.

Learning Literature

Educational systems such as schools and colleges teach learners how to write literature. Expressing artistic capabilities by using literature is often done by writers who are employed by publishers of literature books. Literature can mean any form of writing which is written in a different way than the usual style of writing. What types of literature did you read today?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What is History?

The study which focuses on events from the past is called History. History is related to studying the events of the past that made the present time what it is today. People who study history, as a professional career, are called Historians.

A picture of history, presented in books.
A picture of history, presented in books.

Types of History

There are different types of studies in history. Some of the types of history are listed below:
Pre-Historic History - the study of events pre-dating evidence of written forms of events is called Pre-Historic History. 
Geographic History - the study of geo-graphical events is called Geographic History. 
Religious History - the study of religious events is called Religious History. 
Society History - the study of social events is called Society History. 
Culture History - the study of cultural events is called Culture Histor y. 
Economic History - the study of economic events is called Economic History. 
Environment History - the study of environmental events is called Environment History.

Features of History

History has a variety of features which lead scholars to study events further. Some of the features of history are listed below:
  • Based on the passage of time, the study of history is divided into different periods.
  • History is a study of events in the past which aims to document archives for further study.
  • The study of history aims to interpret cultures and societies by retrieving written records from around the world.

Benefits of History

History helps individuals learn about the cultures that helped form what individuals have become in modern times. Some of the benefits of history are included below:
  • The study of history archives events which can become helpful to individuals around the world.
  • The study of history helps the human species to learn about things that have passed, in ways that can be referenced.
  • The study of history helps individuals to understand how events of the past were settled, and to prepare for such events in the future.

Doubts of History

The study of history presents some doubts. Some of the doubts of history are included below:
  • History may not be universal - as it is viewed, presented, and written from different perspectives.
  • The study of history is speculative in nature until the interpreted facts can be verified with results from present times.
  • The study of history may not include all periods of time, especially those periods of time in which written forms of history have not been found, or those periods of time which have not been studied yet.

Learning History

History is a part of social studies in most types of educational systems. The study of history is a story in itself and informs individuals how their ancestors used to live their lives to make them what they have succeeded as today. Newspapers and media cover events from around the world which soon becomes part of history as time passes. What types of events have you read a history about?

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Monday, March 12, 2018

What is Photography?

Photography is the process of creating pictures by manipulating light using lenses. Photography is a hobby, profession, past-time, and art form in which pictures are created by streaming light through lenses and to form them on a medium such as film, canvas, or any other light-sensitive material. Photography has made use of technology to bring clearer, larger, and more defined pictures in photographs today.

A picture of photography.
A picture of photography.

Features of Photography

The process of photography involves a light-capturing tool, such as: a camera. Some of the features of photography are listed below:
  • A camera is the most popular tool which is used in the process of photography.
  • Photography is a process which produces images in the form of light-absorbed pictures.
  • Using photography, light is captured, in color or black and white, on a medium which absorbs light.

Benefits of Photography

Photographs can be sold to make money and benefit photographers. Some of the benefits of photography include:
  • Photography can be used to convey a message with pictures.
  • Photography can be used for commercial purposes and brings employment to those involved with photographs.
  • Photography shares visions of places, and things from far away and can help conserve and preserve such places and things.

Doubts of Photography

Photography may have some doubts to the way it is used. Some of the doubts of photography include:
  • Photography cannot be successfully completed without a source of light.
  • Capturing photographs from different parts of the world may have adverse effects on the photographer.
  • The equipment required to process photographs is expensive, making photography a costly hobby to pursue.

Learning Photography

Photography can be learned from the nearest photography club or art school in your area. While most cameras are expensive, there are new cameras available in the marketplace, which are affordable, and which can realize the dream to pursue photography as a hobby, for many individuals. Photography is known, throughout the world, as a process or form of art which uses a camera to save or capture pictures formed of light. What types of cameras have you used for photography?

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