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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Top 10 WondraWord Tweets for May 2018

This is a list of the Top 10 WondraWord Tweets for May 2018 - expressions of brief moments using wonderful words on Twitter.

Top 10 WondraWord Tweets for May 2018
Top 10 WondraWord Tweets for May 2018

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Gestures convey meaning in communication!

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Saving money is good, anytime!

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Nice, pleasant artwork soothes the mind!

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Everyone would know the values of moments, after moments become memories to remember!

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Closing a book is like turning a really big page!

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You gotta do, what you gotta do!

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To wonder, is to seek!

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Find time to be free!

Tweet 9 of 10
Miracles require terribly hard work!

Tweet 10 of 10
Free resources are great ideas!

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Top 30 WondraWord Tweets for April 2018

This is a list of the Top 30 WondraWord Tweets for April 2018 - expressions of brief moments using wonderful words on Twitter.

Top 30 WondraWord Tweets for April 2018
Top 30 WondraWord Tweets for April 2018

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Cheers to a delightful moment!

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Set goals and manage time better.

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Share positive energy to get positive energy!

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Create opportunities to get things done right!

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Build trust to build reputation!

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Thoughts make our lives what they become!

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Doing your best brings out best results!

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Good relations make great ships that sail the vast oceans!

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I can change the world!

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Success Requires Practice!

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Make actions and meet the things you want to meet!

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Wait for something great, you might get something better!

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When we believe, we achieve!

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One reason to be happy is because of: now!

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Being natural makes time take it's natural course!

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Sleeping gives you time to think about the stuff you need to do!

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Being thankful helps you be happy!

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Make progress your excuse!

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Focus on the positive to live life to the fullest!

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Plan trips easily by setting goals!

Tweet 21 of 30

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I love to earn and I love to save!

Tweet 23 of 30
Goals make dreams real - that's why dreamers set goals!

Tweet 24 of 30
Doing hard work creates new opportunities!

Tweet 25 of 30
Prepare for today, tomorrow, and the day after!

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I love sandwiches!

Tweet 27 of 30
Love your life, live your job!

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Failure is inevitable, unless you succeed!

Tweet 29 of 30
It's going to be a great day today!

Tweet 30 of 30
Make dreams goals, set determined actions, succeed massively!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Top 55 WondraWord Tweets for March 2018

This is a list of the Top 55 WondraWord Tweets for March 2018 - expressions of brief moments using wonderful words on Twitter.

Top 55 WondraWord Tweets for March 2018
Top 55 WondraWord Tweets for March 2018

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Experiments help us learn from our experiences. Everyone should start calling their mistakes as experiments they intended to do!

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Right things said = = Good things done!

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Being lazy helps you learn about easier ways to do the things you do!

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It feels good to work on the big stuff!

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Beachside sand under the shade of a coconut tree, in bright sunlight, makes the moment feel so relaxing.

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I could eat some potato fries right now!

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Planning actions makes favorable results.

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I would love to see money being given away - especially to me!

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When you fulfil your planned day and you're exhausted, it means you've accomplished your mission and can sleep well!

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Getting started gets you ahead!

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Becoming optimistic makes you wait for good things to happen.

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That's a good motto to succeed: Get addicted to what you want!

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Humans can donate blood! So be cool and donate some!

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Nature gives you company when you stand alone!

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Achievements are milestones to success!

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I have the power to make the future better!

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Activity tracking keeps everyone in good health these days!

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You can - If you think: you can, then you can!

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All those separated ingredients look like they could use some curry.

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Quality, with quantity, would impress anyone, and, probably, everyone!

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Being sophisticated, while being sustainable = Sustainable Fashion!

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If you turn your face toward the sun, you've got to be prepared for the light!

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Diligence and care help goals succeed! Success brings luck!

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Dreams and goals have deadlines - they're called so because they last till a person dies, along the lines of their dreams and goals.

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If you're a quitter - and you know when to quit - quit while you can and save some happiness for later!

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It's lonely at the top, so, when you're feeling lonely, then that means you've accomplished something to get there!

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Co-sleeping saves space and keeps people from stealing the sheets!

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A clean desk is a great place to keep some food and watch a video!

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Artificial intelligence is made by humans - we should include fail-safe measures so we do not fear it, while fulfilling the evolution of artificial intelligence by making it dependent on humans.

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Live. Love. Eat. Enjoy!

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Writing down your goals can help you accomplish your dreams - written goals can help you progress your dreams towards reality - a little bit every day!

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Written goals can turn dreams to become real!

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Shopping reduces stress when you buy the products you want!

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Earning passive income is the dream and motivation of every marketer and blogger in the world!

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Ice-cream slices make great layers for an ice-cream cake!

Tweet 36 of 55
When you're doing an action, and you suddenly start to think, you just gotta keep doing till you finish!

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When you need to set the balance straight, add some weight to get it on level!

Tweet 38 of 55
There's another moment - gotta make every second count!

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I love home-made recipes!

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When you're thinking about writing something, write it already - create a first draft and make it to the finals!

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Healthy food requires healthy mood!

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Chances of success increase after doing an action!

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Results become excuses when you accomplish your goals!

Tweet 44 of 55
I plan to accomplish my goals!

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To find readers, I set my sights on the Internet, for there are many there!

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Writing a few words gets you in the flow to write more words.

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You know you're going to do something when you've made a plan - that way, you can do it!

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We can learn the best, in every situation.

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When you have so many things to do, you become hard-working, but when you become tireless, things become easier!

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Ordinary people can become extra-ordinary sometimes!

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Trees are tall because they reach out to the sun.

Tweet 52 of 55
When you're ready to's better late than never!

Tweet 53 of 55
If you can learn good from bad situations, then bad situations won't happen again!

Tweet 54 of 55
Saying something clear and present makes you calm!

Tweet 55 of 55
Being good to yourself makes you feel great!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for Jan-Feb 2018

This is a list of the Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for Jan-Feb 2018 - expressions of brief moments using wonderful words on Twitter.

Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for the Jan-Feb 2018
Top 70 WondraWord Tweets for the Jan-Feb 2018

Tweet 1 of 70  ( and  ( let you publish books online or have them printed.

Tweet 2 of 70
Grab a Chair!

Tweet 3 of 70
Custom T-shirts at DistrictLines, CustomInk, and Zazzle. eBook Publishing on AmazonKindleDirect, and Lulu.

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I will put my effort and travel the distance. I want to know if it is worth it.

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I love blogging because it helps me dream of what I can become. I am inspired to blog more as it can provide me a sustainable income from time to time.

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It's going to be a good year, this year!

Tweet 7 of 70
My goal is to write more, this 2018.

Tweet 8 of 70
I want to read a hundred pages, I know I can!

Tweet 9 of 70
'Someday' is "that day" in your dreams.

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I would love to rather have a year where everything changes based on what I plan and change in the year.

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I prepare a schedule based on what I can do per day, and it gets done!

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Red sky at night, shepherds delight!

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Writing will make me rich someday - even if just a little!

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A long study session gives an ideal reason to get stretching.

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I want to dream, infinitely, about the open skies.

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Content is the best marketing tool on the Internet because people use it to find things.

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Studying User Experiences (UX) can help bring data faster to users of digital devices around the world.

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Social media marketing can be overwhelming without goal-setting. Earlier, there used to be just one major social network, and now, there are more than five.

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It is right that writing inspiring content encourages readers to open an email, even before they've seen it.

Tweet 20 of 70
I must realize my power!

Tweet 21 of 70
Using written words to create expressions with what you can smell, see, hear, touch, and taste makes moments relatable to.

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I made my bed today, I changed the world!

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Journeys are often used at the start of stories to represent dreams or to request the reader to start dreaming!

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Going against the wind, the airplane can go faster; so it's good to struggle against challenges, to reach goals faster.

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I must try!

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Improvement often stops when contentment starts, and that's probably because of fulfillment of goals.

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-think about yesterday
-think about today
-think about tomorrow

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If you cannot make a change, you might be a solution.

Tweet 29 of 70
These days, we call obstacles: milestones...just to measure our progress.

Tweet 30 of 70
Writing makes stories easier!

Tweet 31 of 70
I treat my hobby like a business…

Tweet 32 of 70
I can do it!

Tweet 33 of 70
I want to learn everything I can learn this year, 2018.

Tweet 34 of 70
I want to live my life as I work for a living.

Tweet 35 of 70
I feel motivated!

Tweet 36 of 70
I blog on

Tweet 37 of 70
I care about today!

Tweet 38 of 70
I am myself!

Tweet 39 of 70
Now is Wow!

Tweet 40 of 70
Reasons make dreams possible!

Tweet 41 of 70
It's a beautiful day today!

Tweet 42 of 70
I've created a blog-site and now, I'm preparing content for it. See it here on:

Tweet 43 of 70
Finding good helps stay positive!

Tweet 44 of 70
I feel good.

Tweet 45 of 70
I want to be rich(er)!

Tweet 46 of 70
I believe!

Tweet 47 of 70
I can change my life.

Tweet 48 of 70
Wow! Creating new expectations is the way to go.

Tweet 49 of 70
I'm the best!

Tweet 50 of 70
Start jobs now to finish jobs sooner!

Tweet 51 of 70
Breathing is good!

Tweet 52 of 70
Gratitude can change attitude!

Tweet 53 of 70
Reasons appear when there is purpose!

Tweet 54 of 70
It's going to be a good day today!

Tweet 55 of 70
Every moment is changing the world!

Tweet 56 of 70
I am inspired by my goals to get things done!

Tweet 57 of 70
Anytime is a good time!

Tweet 58 of 70
Things seem alright when people are happy. It's good to feel happy!

Tweet 59 of 70
Motivation brings cheer!

Tweet 60 of 70
Yes! I use Pixabay as a source for free images on my blog. All content is free on my blog too!

Tweet 61 of 70
Twitter is all about being brief; a few minutes - that's all it takes.

Tweet 62 of 70
You can achieve every single one of your goals by writing goals on paper and working on them.

Tweet 63 of 70
Life in three words: keeps on going…

Tweet 64 of 70
Actionable goals help to accomplish dreams!

Tweet 65 of 70
Anything is possible!

Tweet 66 of 70
I have improved my life!

Tweet 67 of 70
First drafts make final drafts perfect!

Tweet 68 of 70
Fiction creates its own reality.

Tweet 69 of 70
Success lies in the details!

Tweet 70 of 70
With the right ingredients, we can bake a good cake!

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Top 50 WondraWord Tweets for 2017

This is a list of the Top 50 WondraWord Tweets for the year: 2017 - expressions of brief moments using wonderful words on Twitter.

Top 50 WondraWord Tweets for 2017
Top 50 WondraWord Tweets for 2017

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Hello World!

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#CleanHands often before every meal!

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"We are friends on social media!"

Tweet 4 of 47

Physical data stores are physically portable and that matters, when compared to virtual, cloud-based data stores which are only virtually portable.

Tweet 5 of 47

We all promote ourselves in the social profiles of the social networks we're registered on, on the Internet!

Tweet 6 of 47

If things are usable, people will buy!

Tweet 7 of 47

Focus helps us focus (concentrate) on the things that matter, which we need to control!

Tweet 8 of 47

Start with motivation, and make it a habit!

Tweet 9 of 47

Life insurance works after you're dead!

Tweet 10 of 47

We must suffer each day to finally reap the benefits tomorrow!

Tweet 11 of 47

I like to be the right (type of) kind (person).

Tweet 12 of 47

I'd like to double my productivity!

Tweet 13 of 47

"We must all thrive to survive!"

Tweet 14 of 47

I visit Google Webmaster Central, and Yahoo Webmaster Resources to stay updated about best practices in optimization for search.

Tweet 15 of 47

Practice makes perfect!

Tweet 16 of 47

It is good to be nice without saying anything, sometimes.

Tweet 17 of 47

A lot of people, on the Internet make money, from home, by blogging. It is possible, just gotta find out for yourself!

Tweet 18 of 47

So much security to authenticate free stuff that's supposed to have no warranties!

Tweet 19 of 47

Every platform game needs jumping. Jumps must work. Happy jumping.

Tweet 20 of 47

Merry Christmas! It's a Lovely Day!

Tweet 21 of 47

Ath Shree Maha-Bharatha Ka-tha!

Tweet 22 of 47

Happy Holidays!

Tweet 23 of 47

Remember to always follow dosage instructions.

Tweet 24 of 47

Different types of marketing could produce different effects.

Tweet 25 of 47

Everyone loves a good story. The action-call must appear just before they choose to fall asleep.

Tweet 26 of 47

When I smile, you smile, we all smile!

Tweet 27 of 47

I've been writing a blog:

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The value of something often increases its cost.

Tweet 29 of 47

Keeper of Trash == Trash Keeper!

Tweet 30 of 47

A good workout keeps you in good shape!

Tweet 31 of 47

I always give the best in me!

Tweet 32 of 47

Descriptors help providing quick descriptions.

Tweet 33 of 47

Adding colors to text, makes it glanceable on point.

Tweet 34 of 47

Wow! Everyday colors can be so amazing in nature.

Tweet 35 of 47

The outdoors are truly amazing!

Tweet 36 of 47

I want to develop an attitude of gratitude, and be able to let it go before it has past!

Tweet 37 of 47

I exercise everyday, even if it's a little, and I plan to exercise for every day in the New Year, that's beginning tomorrow!

Tweet 38 of 47

The best content you could find is content which is written by yourself, in your own words.

Tweet 39 of 47

Principles of choice create change.

Tweet 40 of 47

I care about the New Year!

Tweet 41 of 47

I will give myself good money to buy good food in the New Year that begins tomorrow!

Tweet 42 of 47

They want to be eaten, but not bitten, by the little children!

Tweet 43 of 47

I have planned my goals for the new year: 2018.

Tweet 44 of 47

I will keep writing.

Tweet 45 of 47

Happy New Year Everyone!

Tweet 46 of 47

I want to be popular.

Tweet 47 of 47

I will tweet once per day, when I can!

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